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Lunchbox Ideas for Preschoolers

Are you looking for some quick and easy preschool lunch ideas for picky eaters? Check out this video for fun and healthy preschool lunch ideas, whether you need to bring them to daycare, leave them with a sitter, or send them to school. Even though I made these for preschoolers, my older children and I still enjoy all of these healthy lunches today. You’ll see why when you see all of the delicious recipes in this video.

Every back-to-school season, and all year long, parents visit our website for ideas on what to pack for their picky eaters. Parents from all walks of life can agree that they want their children to eat nutritious food at all times.

But what if your child is only interested in chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or macaroni and cheese? The real question is, what do you put in a lunchbox that will provide some nutrition while also ensuring that your child will eat a lunch eaten away from home?

In that case, you might find these pointers useful, because the last thing you want to see after a long day at school is an uneaten lunch. They must be hungry, right? Your goal is to provide a lunch that is nutritious, filling, and, of course, delicious!

You’ve probably arrived here because you want your children to try new foods but don’t know how. And you’re left wondering how other parents get their children to take a bite.

Finding nutritious lunch ideas that your picky eater will enjoy may appear impossible, but these suggestions show that it is not.

Each lunch idea listed below is a variation on kid-friendly meals that include a variety of foods, ranging from whole grains to lean proteins and vegetables, all of which help fuel growing children.

The mini quiches contain chopped spinach, the quesadilla contains black beans, and the tomato soup contains vegetables. Can you see where I’m going with this? It’s healthy options served in a way that kids can understand, a concept that has been proven time and again to work when it comes to feeding picky eaters.

As the mother of three picky eaters, I tried every trick in the book and failed spectacularly. It wasn’t until I discovered the causes of this dinner epidemic that I discovered the solution, which I now share in my online course for parents of picky eaters.

You’ll not only be able to get your kids to try and like new foods, but you’ll also be able to pack lunches for picky eaters and enjoy mealtime as a family.

Here are some of our favourite kid-approved recipes and personal tips from our community to help you add some variety to the lunch box.

Pizza Pasta Salad: This is a great make-ahead recipe for busy moms because it does not require heating. It’s an excellent way to get protein from the cheese and turkey pepperoni. For a complete meal, pair it with fresh fruit. Veggies are completely optional, but if your child eats any vegetable, include it.

Mini Quiches: These are by far my children’s favourite lunch item. Eggs and cheese can hide almost anything and keep well at room temperature. Alternatively, you can keep them warm in your favourite thermos.
Mini quiches can be made with whatever fillings your child prefers and are a good source of protein for children. They’re also bite-sized, which kids adore!

Black Bean Quesadillas: Made with protein and fiber-rich black beans, these easy quesadillas are a great way to use up any leftover tortillas from taco night. Do your kids dislike black beans? Replace with mashed white beans or refried beans.

Grilled Cheese Dippers: If you want to pack Tomato Soup, you’ll need a thermos, but it’s worth it! I’ll make a batch of the soup for dinner and pack the leftovers in this lunch; it’s fun and delicious.

Burrito Bowls: A fun way to use up leftover taco night ingredients and customize it for your kids’ lunches! That small serving of rice or beans can be easily transformed into a single-serving burrito bowl.