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Young Toddlers – Infants

3 months – 2 Years

Everyone is welcome in our group.
For students of all ages, skills levels, and life experiences, we design and construct classrooms that are inclusive, friendly, and safe spaces.

Leaving your newborn in the care of others is a major life change. Our centres’ staff, especially our exceptionally talented infant educators, will work with you to make the transition as easy as possible. When you visit our infant classroom, you’ll see firsthand how much we care about helping your child feel secure, loved, and prepared to learn about the world.

Our loving staff designs daily schedules for toddlers that include socialization, learning, eating, resting, and, of course, lots of play. Because we know that children learn a great deal while playing with teachers watching closely.

Skills that Children Will Learn

One of the first things you’ll notice about our infant classroom is our strict no shoes policy. As soon as you notice your baby is able to roll over, crawl, and scoot around, you should let them do so. To prevent them from picking up germs and dirt on their explorations, we ask that you remove their shoes.

We use a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet, and we never put soft objects like pillows or toys in a baby’s crib. Your baby’s name and a photo can be engraved on one of our cribs. In addition, they are transparent, allowing us to keep an eye on your infant.

We’ll make sure your baby is well-fed and contented whether you breastfeed or use a bottle. We have regulations in place to ensure that breast milk and formula are kept completely separate. Of course you can come in during your break to feed your baby.